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Conjunctiovochalasis is a pathology of the conjunctiva (the transparent cellophane like tissue on the white of the eyeball) presenting as redundant, excessive folds of conjunctiva most commonly found along the lower eyelids with its most common complaints of foreign body sensation, alternating dryness and tearing, even visual symptoms of blurriness especially when looking down. Though a common cause is aging, patients can be predisposed with Meibomian Gland Disfunction, chronic dry eyes, contact lens wear, and excessive eye rubbing. Also known as Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE) it is often overlooked in patients with chronic symptomatology of dry eye not responding to routine treatment. Though medical management can be the initial approach using optical lubricants, antihistamines, and steroid drops; surgical correction is often the definitive treatment.

Dr. Gulani with some patients

Gulani “No-Stitch” Surgery

Having pioneered the use of human placenta (amniotic graft) in eye surgery Dr. Gulani has successful used his “no-stitch” amniotic graft technique to correct this pathology with no recurrence and significant resolution of patient symptoms while stabilizing the ocular surface. He teaches eye surgeons about this surgery and compares it to tightening a bed-sheet, snipping the excess off and laying the delicate amniotic graft without stitches (with glue) to hold this system together neatly tucked away inside the inner side of the eyelids therewith leaving no visible scar.

Correcting Surgical Complications

Having over three decades of experience in using his non-stitch surgical techniques Dr. Gulani is often called upon by surgical colleagues and patients for second opinions and complication corrections of their surgeries in many a case correcting and even in some cases completely re-doing the previous surgeon’s surgery.

Combination Conjunctivochalasis Surgery

Over three decades, as a Master surgeon, Dr. Gulani has developed a systematic approach with unlimited technology and techniques; KLEAR™ includes all forms of surgeries including Corneal (Kerato), Lens Implants/Cataract/ICL (Lenticulo), and Lasik/PRK/LenZoPlastique/Intacs/CXL (Refractive). KLEAR™ guided by his GPS™ have successfully addressed not only first time candidates but also those with complex and Botched surgeries in many cases to 20/20 vision outcomes.

Conjunctivochalasis besides causing a direct impact on ocular surface stability is also a causative factor (Mechanical Dry Eye) for dry eyes therefore depriving many a patients the candidacy for vision corrective surgery (NexGen Lasik, premium cataract surgery, etc.). Dr. Gulani stages his surgery in effected patients by first fixing the conjunctivochalasis and then performing premium laser vision or cataract surgery to help them live a life of visual freedom without glasses or contact lenses. By the same token a number of patients referred to him with conjunctivochalasis as a result of their surgeons’ Lasik, Cataract, or Pterygium surgery are corrected by him to a symptom free endpoint.

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