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I WAS a skeptic AND now I am a Believer!!!

Accompanying My husband, Robert Herrick, across the USA to have Laser Corneal Plastique procedure by Dr Arun Gulani has been a world wind of emotions. Knowing Roberts relationship in the industry as the president of Lacrimedics and his friendship with Arun has been 30+ years, Iwanted to know what the ‘Catch’ was and ‘Why’ he would be the one chosen to do this procedure

Day one: Initial visit
We were greeted by a wonderful staff that were gracious, personal and professional which made us comfortable going through the initial tests/measurements. Asking and taking care of our personal needs. Then Dr Gulani appeared Bigger than Life, with so much confidence and self assurance, asking And answering Roberts and My questions. I started to calm down and feel better. We left with his advice to visit St Augustine and enjoy old town. Wanting us to make the most of our trip prior to Thursday’s surgery (Day 3). We did and the trip was memorable!

Day two: Pre-op
Greeted the same, personal needs met, paperwork signed, staff and Dr Gulani asking about our visit to St Augustine, more measurements, questions answered…Feeling calmer and assured Dr Gulani is the right one to do this procedure on my Love. Saying prayers for both he and Robert! Left with more recommendations to visit the River Walk, Great Restaurants and to return next day for Surgery

Day 3: Surgery
Greeted the same, asked about our evening before, warm and welcoming responses (feeling like family). Then Surgery…nervous anticipation felt from Robert and I. We were allowed to view another patients procedure with their family and staff surrounding us. This experience is like no other! Dr Gulani is dressed in scrubs (designer, I’m sure!) and his energy, confidence is oozing and contagious. Robert enters surgery, I sit to view and 3.5 minutes later Robert walks out and is asked to read which he has not for 17 years without ‘cheaters’.Tears streaming down my face with happiness, Robert in amazement and Dr Gulani Beaming!!

Day four: Post-op
Group photo with all other weeks patients who are ready to fly home! We were cheering, thumbs up and smiles galore!!

What an experience …. so much more to write but the takeaway is NO Catch just pure enthusiasm, celebrating the human connection and we are so Grateful for a wonderful, mind blowing experience!

Beth Ann Kraft

KOL of all KOLs (Key Opinion Leader)

At my follow-up visit today, I witnessed how Dr. Gulani is helping doctors, lawyers, professionals, and other patients who have had poor outcomes in other physicians offices. I saw patients being flown in by eye surgeons from all over the world, seeking his expertise. I feel Dr. Gulani has divinely Inspired “profound knowledge” not available from other doctors, universities, or hospitals.

On day one after my presbyopic (reading glasses) Laser Corneoplastique, I’m stunned by my level of comfort, and clarity of vision. No patches for me, and no pain!

He is delivering “next generation” vision care setting the highest standards for the future of refractive eye care. Immediately after my 3 1/2 minute procedure, I started thinking of my loved ones, and how I might sponsor them through this process.

Dr. Gulani is not just a leader in his field… He is passionately defining it!

Robert Herrick

Eye Surgeon’s, Eye Surgeon!

Being in the Eye Surgical field for over 30 years, I know most of the eye surgeons nationwide and chose Dr.Gulani for my own Cataract surgery. It is a pleasure to witness his continued Innovations and Passion over the years in raising the bar on eye surgery itself. His new Surgical facility is Out of this world and then his renowned surgical skills along with a compassionate demeanor; A breath of fresh air in today’s world of medicine.

Steve Wilson
Vistakon: Johnson & Johnson

I have interviewed literally thousands of doctors over the course of the last 20 years, and I must say Dr.Gulani is one of the most amazing I have ever encountered.

The fact that he goes the extra distance for the people he meets is a key attribute of a world-class surgeon.

Lori Baker Schena, MBA
Writer: American Academy of Ophthalmology

I have been an ophthalmic surgical supplier and provider for 25 years. I was an International Marketing manager for Johnson & Johnson and have observed ophthalmic surgeries world wide.

Dr. Gulani has extensive experience with the developing field of amniotic membrane surgery and it was obvious from the post-operative outcomes I witnessed. The eyes were very quiet and cosmetically excellent. The patients were extremely pleased with their outcome and were very excited to achieve these type of results. They were amazed how little pain they experienced.

Dr. Gulani is an excellent , confident surgeon who will listen to the patient’s needs and custom tailor a surgical approach to fit that particular patient. He allows the technology to serve the patient, instead of making the patient bend to the technology.

Andy Rivero
Johnson & Johnson

I had the pleasure of inviting Dr.Gulani to teach at the International conference for Eye Surgeons. He was well presented at all times and presentations were of a high quality

Attendees and fellow surgical instructors were enthused with his futuristic thoughts and surgical skills.

His knowledge and grasp on technology with ability to translate to surgery and provide outcomes makes him a very rare gem in the world of eye surgery

Scott Franklin
Regional Director: Bausch & Lomb
South Africa and Asia

This is where the Eye Care Industry gets their Surgery, Gulani Vision! Today is day one after my advanced cataract surgery. What an experience it has been! My son in law is from the eye care industry and knows practically every eye surgeon in the country and knows that most key open leaders come to Dr. Gulani for their surgery. He had brought my daughter to correct her complex case had suggested that I travel to him. Wow the level of commitment, his cataract spa, and the vision outcomes. I wish every cataract patient takes advantage of this out the world experience!

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