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Education for Eye Care Specialists

The Gulani Vision Institute has become a destination for eye surgeons worldwide wishing to observe and learn about Dr. Gulani’s advanced surgical techniques. Here is a video library of Dr. Gulani’s innovative techniques and interviews in Medical Media.

Dr. Gulani’s lifelong commitment to share his innovations with eye surgeons all over the world, educate patients and steer the eye care industry has given birth to the Gulani Academy. His world travels and national, international podium presentations and clinical workshops are sought after by attendees globally. Many eye surgeons, and eye care providers for reasons beyond their means cannot access his workshops and through this academy, we endeavor to provide a worldwide resource that can be availed of 24-7, 365.


Inventions and Technology


One on One with Dr. Gulani


WorldWide Medical Interviews


Webinars and Podcasts


NexGen LASIK Surgery – LaZrplastique®


Customized Cataract Surgery – LenzOplastique™


Radial Keratotomy (RK)


Correcting Corneal Scars


Correcting Keratoconus


Correcting Pterygium/Pinguecula


Corneal Transplants


Fixing Botched to 20/20

Disclaimer: Any person reviewing the information and materials presented here should do so by their own judgement, at their own risk and discretion and obtain specific medical advice and answers to specific medical questions relating to their respective personal situation, by an eye doctor of their choosing.Dr. Arun Gulani and all staff of Gulani Vision Institute disclaim any and all liability for any injury or other damages resulting from the review or use of the material/information/surgical videos and graphics on this site by you or anyone else.

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