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Chandra S.

I had Keratoconus Keratoconus. My vision began to impact my performance @ work. It began to decrease my production by the hour. I knew there was a serious problem. My contacts were not correcting my vision any longer. Also, I could not enjoy games with my son who is 4 yrs. old

My experience w/ the Gulani Vision Institute has been a true blessing.

Dr. Gulani’s a real people person as much as I have learned from him over the past three months. When I mentioned him doctors (eye) all over know him.

He perfomed ® surgery Intacs for my eye and now I can see. Thank God!! I can perform my duties of my job better.

Dr.Gulani is a special person. He is a great surgeon, educator, and professional.


-Ms. Chandra S. (Intacs®) – Jacksonville, Florida

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