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Radial Keratotomy FAQ’s

Why do other doctors say nothing can be done?

Though Dr. Gulani has been performing and teaching selflessly to encourage fellow eye surgeons worldwide to perform his custom designed techniques we still find that many patients like you are still told by your ophthalmologists and optometrists that they cannot help you or that “nothing can be done.” We have found that most of these doctors either are lacking in empathy, skills, desire, technology, or commitment and in many cases all of the above. Having helped patients from mild to severe levels of complexities like in your case there is certainly hope for your eyes. Learn about the “Gulani Difference” here.

How Come Dr. Gulani is able to perform this surgery when our doctors tell us nothing can be done?

Despite Dr. Gulani’s unparalleled track record of success over three decades we do not guarantee results. We certainly feel though his artistic surgical skills, out-of-the-box thinking, technological edge, along with innovative, custom-designed surgical approach, uniquely focused for each individual eye are the reason for his consistently successful surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction globally. Add to this his compassion and personalized care for each patient and we have what we feel is the ideal formula of legendary success with patient safety and vision end points. To learn about how Dr. Gulani custom designs surgery for your eyes click here.

How do I know what type of surgery or technology is right for me?

Though most eye surgeons and practices offer few options limited to their surgeon’s ability or technology, Dr. Gulani after a personal consultation and detailed diagnostic technologies will pick among numerous innovative techniques and cutting-edge technologies  to custom design for your individual eye among over 20 laser techniques, 40 vision corrective techniques (KLEAR®). To read more on KLEAR® please click here.

What if I have more than 4 Radial Keratotomy cuts and irregular astigmatism or scars?

Dr. Gulani has helped patients from 4 to over 30 Radial Keratotomy (RK) scars successfully and believes it is not just a number of RK cuts but that it is also the irregularity and depth of the cuts that makes each case uniquely complex. Using his proprietary “No-Cut”, “No-Blade” LaZrplastiuqe® technique he can correct the vision (despite the number of cuts) along with the associated irregular astigmatism and corneal scars simultaneously. For more information on LaZrplastique® please click here.

What if I have cataracts with my RK and I am confused about the lens options too?

Cataract surgery in RK eyes is more complex due to the anatomical difficulty of operating through the cuts and also the mathematical difficulties of calculating the correct lens power. Dr. Gulani’s proprietary LenzOplastique® techniques specially designed for RK eyes can allow safe surgery along with his access to new generation lens implant technologies (most surgeons provide only 2 or 3 options limited by their ability and access) therewith providing a truly customized design premium surgery and lens technology choice that aims for best vision potential despite the inherent complexities of a RK eye. Dr. Gulani has successfully used the full range of lens technologies (Monofocal, Toric, Trifocal, Multifocal, Progressives) including combinations in RK eyes. For more information about custom cataract surgery please click here.

What if I have had previous failed Lasik or cataract surgery on my RK eye?

Do not despair you can be helped. Dr. Gulani is a  world destination for patients who have had failed laser, cataracts, corneal cross or transplant on their RK eyes. Using his proprietary KLEAR® services he will pick a particular technique or technology to either enhance your vision or reverse your surgical complication. Learn about other patients in your situation here.

My vision fluctuates throughout the day because of my RK will my surgery results be permanent?

Fluctuation of vision in RK eyes is common and taken into account in Dr. Gulani’s proprietary diagnostic and surgical planning. Besides normal aging and variable healing patterns all surgeries are done with the desire of permanence. To read patient outcomes please click here.

I am told hard contact lenses or a corneal transplant are my only options?

Your eye doctors may not be wrong in providing these end-stage options given the complexity of your rk eyes and their limited abilities or technology access. Dr. Gulani, despite being a world-renown  corneal transplant surgeon, dedicates himself to thinking out-side the box using his full KLEAR® services of techniques and technologies to fight for your vision with the least interventional and visually promising approach. For more information please click here.

I have been offered cross-linking should I proceed?

Dr. Gulani has been involved with collagen cross-linking long before US FDA approval given his international privileges and believes it is a great technology among his proprietary KLEAR® services. He teaches surgeons to first fix the vision surgically and then cross-link if needed to permanize that vision outcome, rather than indiscriminately cross-link patients without surgical correction leaving them visually disabled for life. For more information please click here.

Why is there a difference in cost of consult and surgery with different surgeons?

RK eyes require a much more in depth evaluation, diagnostics, review of past surgery, along with intensely unique surgical planning. Also, like in any profession beside additional expense of custom designing techniques with innovative technologies, each surgeon’s track-record experience and service cannot be compared. Relevant information for payment plans can be found here.

What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery with Dr. Gulani?

We are uniquely proud of our compassionate care and Dr. Gulani’s personalized involvement at all levels of your vision journey at our Institute. This unique experience and lifetime relationship has been called the “Gulani Vision Experience” by our patients worldwide, fondly. For more information click here.

How do I plan my travel to seek Dr. Gulani?

Many of our patients come from out of state or out of country and are requested to bring someone along with them (family or friend) and plan to stay for 4-7 days depending on your uniquely customized surgical plan. For more information please review here.

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