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Vanessa W. (Basel, Switzerland)

My vision is horrible w/out contacts. And contacts are my only option. I have Keratoconus with high astigmatism and nearsightedness with complex cataracts along with severe dry eyes.

I researched for the best eye surgeon in the world and travelled to Dr.Gulani. He first performed his proprietary m.o.i.s.t. therapy to correct my dry eyes and planned a staged combination of INTACS surgery followed by custom designed RLE (LenzOplastique/Refractive Cataract Surgery) and brought me straight to vision without glasses.

At GVI, everyone is Very professional courteous and caring. Everyone went out of their way to accommodate my procedure given my time limitations.

Dr. Gulani is Extraordinarily competent. I can’t express how wonderful it was to have a Dr. who truly understood keratoconus+ all the things that come with the condition.

Better. I’ll feel great relief from dry eyes and now am awaiting to have Keratoconus surgery when I come back from Switzerland.

I appreciate how approachable Dr.Gulani is and the time he spent with me- I could ask questions for as long as it took.

Absolutely am bringing my daughters from Europe to him for their Lasik surgery.

Vanessa W.
Basel, Switzerland


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