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Thomas S.

I could not see the big E on the eye chart. I had keratoconus and this was very depressing; frustrating.

My experience at GVI was completely positive.

Wish Dr. Gulani had the time to be our doctor in all aspects of our health!! We appreciate him and what he has done for me, and the hope/help you have given us Tom and me (Tom’s wife).

I had INTACS surgery and am looking forward to being able to do painting and woodworking etc. Resuming a normal life again.

I think Dr. Gulani’s skills, patient care and knowledge are in one word-Unsurpassed!!

Seen in the picture  (to the right) years later after the surgery and still doing great. He definitely “got Intacs” and is thankfull to Dr.Gulani.

Thomas S.
Jacksonville, Florida

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