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Tasjknick M.

My left eye vision was horrible. Constantly having to change hard lenses after six months or so. My Keratoconus “Cone” was getting progressively worse.

 I heard of Dr.Gulani from my Dad’s co-worker, come to find out her son was his patient. The mother had nothing but good things to say. Actually great things to say!
I then did my research and looked all over the Internet. Watched videos on website. When I first called Dr.Gulani was teaching a class in Europe.
My experience at Gulani Vision has been Great. Everyone was attentive, knowledgeable and helpful.
Dr. Gulani is extremely creative, helpful. Came up with options to keep me from having cornea transplant.
He performed my very difficult INTACS surgery and I am doing Great. Positive future!
Dr. Gulani’s care and surgical skills are Highest level possible. He knows me by my name and my very sensitive case.
I shall Absolutely refer everyone to him!!!!
Tasjknik Magaroo
Orlando, Florida 





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