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Ralph J.

Left eye was very bad-bad vision due to Advanced Keratoconus with scarring and very bad cornea to a point where there was a fear that the cornea would rupture.

My eye doctor, Dr Atkins said he had seen Miracles being performed by Dr.Gulani and he was a passionate surgeon with world repute. I did my research and traveled to him.

At GVI our experience has been wonderful. Dr Gulani has an effective and efficient staff.

 “Dr Gulani is a blessing to people with issues with their eyes. He has great knowledge but what is more he is an INNOVATOR and a Caring doctor.

He was able to carefully perform a Layer Transplant (Lamellar Keratoplasty) in this eye and It is amazing to see so well without contacts every day. The vision seems to be getting better.

When I went back to my eye doctor, he called all his staff and doctors to look at Dr.Gulani’s “Materpiece” surgery- My eye.

Dr Gulani’s manner ,knowledge, and skill are unparelled.

Without a doubt, I shall refer everyone to him.

Ralph J
Gainesville, FL

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