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Officer Charles M. (Brownfield, TX)

My vision was extremely bad in my left eye from Keratoconus and Cataracts and after Dr.Gulani’s surgery, the very next day, I could see the clock and the TV.

One of Dr.Gulani’s patients had a unique Lasik surgery with Dr. Gulani and he recommended the doctor. I travelled from North Carolina to Florida to seek his expertise.
Everyone at GVI is so professional and nice.
“Dr. Gulani is a kind and gentle person who deeply cares and is #1 doctor in my book.”

My vision is much better and it will definitely improve the quality of my life.


“Dr. Gulani is top notch, he is a healer, author, educator and his skill level is “Off the charts”.”

Anywhere and anybody shall be recommended by me from all over the world.
Officer Charles M.
North Carolina/ Brownfield,Texas

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