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Miles W.

The vision in my left eye had a negative effect on my life daily.  My job requires much time in front of a computer.  I began having problems viewing the screen and focusing on what I was doing.

I was referred by my eye doctor at Fernandina Beach.  After the initial visit and some internet research I knew this was the direction that I wanted to go.

This was the most personal and professional experience that I have ever had with a doctor.  The results have been exceptional!

Dr. Gulani is always very professional.  The time that he spent explaining the procedure made the decision much easier. I had Intacs® surgery for my Keratoconus.

Dr. Gulani is a consummate professional and all that I have read about him is trueHe is truly a gift for all of us with poor vision.

I will definitely recommend the office to anyone that has vision problems.  They are truly the best that I have found.

Miles W.
Jacksonville, Florida

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