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Melissa W.

I had no vision in my left eye – luckily my right eye compensated for it but at night while driving I noticed a lot of glare and some vision impairment.

Luckily through Angie’s List, I found GVI and Dr. Gulani.

My experience at GVI was very good — the front desk employees are helpful and friendly. Dr. Gulani is personable and enjoys the patient educating. Dr. Gulani is also very impassioned about his job  he enjoys teaching and likes the challenge of correcting vision.

After Lasik and Corneal Scar Surgery, my outlook is very positive.  I thought my only option was going to be cornea transplant and this laser eye surgery has been life-changing.

I’ve enjoyed how passionate Dr. Gulani is about educating patients. His surgical skills are top notch.

I will definitely refer others to GVI.

Melissa W.
Jacksonville, FL

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