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Linda M.

My vision was pretty good from previous Lasik surgery, but due to age, I was using reading glasses frequently.  Also, my distance vision wasn’t as sharp as I wanted. 


My eye doctor who was aware of Dr. Gulani’s ability to correct previous Lasik surgery referred me to him. I was interested in getting better distance vision, and eliminating reading glasses. 


Dr. Gulani is exceptionally considerate. Willing to take all time necessary to answer my questions and address concerns.  Office staff is friendly, easy to work with. 


Not only did he help me see again but also smoothened out wrinkles in my Lasik flap from my previous surgeon.

I am now free of reading glasses for close up work.  My distance vision is sharper. 


Dr. Gulani goes beyond any doctor I’ve had as far as explaining everything.  He is  highly educated and skilled. 


I will recommend Dr. Gulani to anyone. 


Linda M.

Jacksonville, Florida


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