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John M.

My vision was limited to using my left eye only stopping me from enjoying some things such as riding a motorcycle for fear of something flying into the one eye. I had Keratoconus.

My eye doctor (Optometrist) recommended Dr. Gulani and I followed up researching him on the internet.
My experience at GulaniVision has been very pleasant and fulfilling to have my vision improved.
Dr. Gulani is truly a very professional pioneer in his area of expertise.
He performed customized INTACS surgery for me.
I don’t feel as limited as I did before and I believe it has reopened some possibilities I lost with having vision in one eye only.
Dr. Gulani has kept me well informed of the procedure from beginning to end as well as what to expect and the follow up by him and his staff is more than expected. 
Definitely would recommend Dr. Gulani and the INTACS implant for others experiencing similar vision problems.
John Mateo
Fire Fighter
Ocala, Florida

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