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John C.

Since being diagnosed with Kerataconus, I have been one hundred percent reliant on contacts. I was wearing an uncomfortable gas permeable lens in my right eye, which would pop out at a very inconvenient time. So, needless to say, my vision has been hindrance.

I found Dr. Gulani on the internet and decided to come here because of the first impression, which was bolstered by hours of research into Dr. Gulani’s accomplishments.

My experience at GVI has been Outstanding, prompt ,courteous and  serious supporting a world-renowned eye surgeon makes for a pleasant experience.

Dr. Gulani is a Great man. He cares.

I am pleased that Dr. Gulani was able to brace my Keratoconus cornea (right) with special design  INTACS.

My right eye wasn’t supposed to be “fit” for Intacs. Dr. Gulani made it happen anyway.

He is obviously a risk-taker, which is what someone like me needed. Playing it safe doesn’t always produce wanted results. Dr.Gulani went out on a limb for me- his patient

I already have referred many friends to Dr.Gulani.

John C.
Yulee, Florida

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