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Jeffrey C. (Saudi Arabia)

I had Lasik abroad and needed correction. My right eye was very myopic. For close to two years, I had noticed the deterioration. As a previous Lasik patient, I was upset that I needed glasses.

My research and due diligence along with a family friend’s recommendation (who had her Lasik complication corrected by Dr.Gulani) made me travel from Saudi Arabia to Dr.Gulani in Florida.

At GVI, my experience has been Excellent. I really appreciate the time and care given to me by Dr. Gulani and his staff.

Dr.Gulani is Knowledgeable, caring, and very confident about his work. These are all qualities a patient wants in a physician.

I am optimistic. Dr. Gulani used Advanced Laser surgery to correct my previous Lasik surgery I had with another surgeon in the past.

Dr. Gulani’s confidence and friendly approach is very reassuring.

I have already referred my wife to Dr.Gulani and he helped her for her dry eyes.

I will be happy to spread the word about Dr.Gulani to my friends and colleagues in Saudi Arabia.

Jeffrey C.
Saudi Arabia

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