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Janice and Jim W.

My vision was very poor vision since 6th grade and found out I had Keratoconus– wore glasses all the time- could not see well- road signs etc- also, in my sports play my glassed fogged up all the time- I could not see.

My eye doctors in the VILLAGES (fastest growing Micro-community in the Nation) village were hesitant to do any surgery on me. They were aware of Dr. Gulani’s advanced work and said I must go to him to be checked out.

My experience at Gulani Vision Institute has been The best!

Everything totally professional, first class, and very friendly. Such nice people.

As for Dr.Gulani:

  1. WOW! Does he dress nice!
  2. I have total, 100% confidence in what he says.
  3. If it can be done, he can do it.

I am so happy- no glasses to bother me again – Every morning I get up and say –  No glasses to put on.

Dr. Gulani is a class act- his demeanor is that of a person who knows what to do- and then can do it- he gives me total confidence- he cares about us.

I (we) have a pile of his business cards- in the Villages we have
70,000 people who have had or will have a need for Dr. Gulani and GVI- we want them to have the same success that I have had.

Also- the entire staff has been so nice to us- Thanks so very much.

– Janice and Jim W.
The Villages, Florida





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