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Jamie Wa.

My vision was very bad due to keratoconus, even painful. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open long periods of time. The prevented me from helping my children with school

I had a friend that worked at an eye doctor, she recommended Dr. Gulani. She told me he was rhe best in the world.

The staff at GVI is Wonderful; felt like family.

I Love Dr Gulani! He really cares about you as a patient. His not just a doctor having to do his job it’s a doctors that wants to do his job and help people.

I am enjoying life so much more after Intacs Surgery. I am able to see which has changed my life.

Very impressed Dr. Gulani wanted to make sure I know what he was doing at all times. I will definitely refer others to GVI.

Jamie W.
Middleburg, FL

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