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Jack and Mary Jo S.

I am a reactor operator at a nuclear power plant.  I have Keratoconus and my vision was going to cause me to loose my job because I have to meet government medical requirements to keep my operator license.

My eyed doctor referred me to Dr. Gulani.  I have keratoconus and was wearing RGP contacts with glasses to see.  Dr. Gulani is an expert with this disease!

Dr. Gulani is the Model for any other Dr. to follow!

He is a Straight shooter, explains everything at a level I understand.  I have never worked with any other Dr. like him.

Dr. Gulani installed Intacs® in my right eye.  I now can easily pass the vision tests for my license. My life is much better because of this.  My wife and I ride motorcycles and have rode up to Indiana and back twice.  Before my surgery my wife, who preferred to follow me, would have to call me on the CB to tell me when to turn because I couldn’t read the signs! Now I can read very well!

Dr. Gulani’s work has impressed my regular eye doctor who said, “He does great work”.  He let me know exactly what to expect and made himself available to me at any time.  I recommended my wife to him!!

My wife just had Lasik surgery on both eyes, done by Dr. Gulani.  I am working on my cousin’s husband to come here, he too has keratoconus.  I have also recommended to fellow workers.

-Jack and Mary Jo S.
– Ocala, Florida

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