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Erdem E. (Seattle)

My vision was getting worse progressively in just a few years due to my  keratoconus.


I could not wear my contact lenses since they  got thicker and curvier. Even with my thick and curvy glasses I did not have prefect vision.


My eye doctor, Dr. Houser had told me that my KC is progressing and suggested seeing Dr. Gulani as a world expert.  He highly talked about him and his techniques.


Everybody is very helpful and welcoming at GVI. They are trying to help me get better.


Dr.Gulani is very knowledgeable and confident in his abilities and very personal in my care. He performed special INTACs surgery for me and I am already better now.


       He is an expert in surgical skills. He is obviously very well educated and confident in this area.


I shall definitely refer everyone I know to him.


 Erdem Eskigun

Jacksonville, Fl

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