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Denise S.

I was legally blind without correction and contact/glasses couldn’t give me clear vision. It was frustrating to always be straining to see at work driving etc. Felt I would not be able to do office work without some help.

I was suffering from Keratoconus and High Astigmatism along with cataracts. I was referred by my eye doctor to see about custom surgery with Dr. Gulani as he said Dr. Gulani is one of the world’s best and he is renowned for custom tailoring surgery to each eye uniquely. How True!!!!!!

My experience at GVI has been Excellent. Very caring, pleasant staff.

Dr. Gulani is a compassionate, brilliant innovator who loves what he does and strives for perfection with each client.

He performed my cataract surgery in such a way that despite my Keratoconus, I see 20/20.

My life is very positive. I may even want to start dating again. Also, it will help me in my job research.

Dr. Gulani is Excellent on all fronts, takes time and explains honestly and makes you feel cared about.

I have already referred my daughter to him and keep a load of his business cards to hand out.


8 Years Ago, I came to Dr. Gulani with Advanced Keratoconus, where every other eye surgeon and eye doctors only offered corneal transplants and contact lenses. My eye doctor referred me to Dr. Gulani staying that this man is not only treating keratoconus but his patients can actually SEE.

Dr. Gulani performed his special LenzOplastique surgery where he delivered me straight to 20/20 vision without glasses.

8 years later, I am still doing great and I still see him inspiring other doctors to not give up on KERATOCONUS patients like me. I can’t thank him enough for giving me my vision, where I’m able to continue living life to the fullest.

Denise S.

Jacksonville, Florida

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