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David T.

Well my left eye had fully blurred vision . I would experience headaches, seeing double, and also working on my jobs it caused me to Trans pause letters and numbers.

I was referred by my eye doctor due to Keratoconus. What made me is that they told me was the best and after going to website and seeing his work made it very clear.

With knowing what I was expecting, I was scared worried didn’t know what to expect. But with him being so confident and giving me the truth made me more than comfortable.

Dr. Gulani is great! I love his passion. He made feel like I was his only patient when I know he so busy that this wasn’t just a field that he works in but it’s his life.

I feel great I know that Intacs surgery it saved my eye and look forward working Dr. Gulani to see what more can be done.

I felt well informed about what was going to take place. He wants me to be a part of the whole process not just a patient going in blind.

I’ve already told Family and Friends about GVI.

David Terry
Jacksonville, FL

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