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Barney and Temple F.

 I first visited Dr. Gulani in the summer of  2007. I was 63 at the time. I had previously had Lasik surgery in one eye for distance vision about ten years earlier. The other eye was for near vision. Over that ten year period, my vision gradually deteriorated in both eyes to the point that I had to wear glasses for reading and was almost at the point for needed them all the time for distance too.

I had been to other “noted surgeon” in Jacksonville and was told that even if I had “treatment” I would still need glasses for either near vision or distant vision.

Dr. Gulani suggested Advanced Laser Vision Surgery tailored to my eyes and was able to correct both of my eyes whereby I can function completely without glasses. My near vision is a true blessing since reading is my second favorite past-time, being second only to my golf. My golfing friends are astounded at how well I see at a distance and how much my putting has improved.

Fletcher's Amelia Island and Jacksonville Florida LASIK

Dr. Gulani performed procedures on both my wife (Temple) and me on the same day. He had clearly explained to each of us what to expect and how long it might be before we would enjoy the full effect.

The final results are greater than we envisioned. We have referred several of our friends to Dr. Gulani and will continue to do so. He is unique in his field.

Barney and Temple Fletcher

Amelia Island and Jacksonville, Florida


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