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Attorney Rod S.

Prior to Dr. Gulani’s Advanced Laser Vision surgery my vision could be described as nothing short of a complete disability. For several years leading up to my consultation and treatment at the Gulani Vision Institute I was constantly besieged with poor vision, both near and far, double vision, strained eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, and tired eyes all of which, as one could imagine, took a drastic toll on both my personal life and my legal practice.

In 2006, after consulting multiple doctors over the course of 5 years for my disabling vision, I was eventually diagnosed with a corneal disease called Keratoconus. Based on this diagnosis I was informed that there were three options available to me that would enhance my overall vision but each of which had their independent downfalls: gas permeable contacts lenses (often intolerable by its users), intacs (corrective in nature but imprecise), and a corneal transplant (invasive, possibility of rejection, long healing timeline, and not an option for someone at my age of 31). Unable to bear the pain of gas permeable contact lenses I spoke to several friends and acquaintances regarding my condition and the remaining options that I had.

As it turned out, a good friend of mine in the medical profession had recently been a patient of Dr. Gulani and she was astonished not only by this aptitude and professionalism, but equally in his willingness to discuss with her, at length, about my condition as she understood it.

At his invitation, and as a resident of Maryland, I contacted Dr. Gulani over the phone and we spoke in detail about the potential courses of action that may be available. While there are several reasons why I decided to see Dr. Gulani, first and foremost, I would have to say was his undeniable and equally insatiable desire to see that I received the absolute best vision correction available.

My experience with Dr. Gulani and his staff at the Gulani Vision Institute was and remains superb. Simply put, as a patient, I have never experienced such an inviting, professional, and courteous atmosphere as that which I have and continue to receive from Dr. Gulani and the Gulani Vision Institute.

I believe that Dr. Gulani is an inspiration to the practice of medicine, an obvious and unparalleled visionary in the field of Ophthalmology and advanced cornea disorders, an educator to doctors, his staff, and his patients alike; and the very person to whom I owe an immeasurable amount of gratitude.

I will continue to recommend Dr. Gulani and his staff at the Gulani Vision Institute to anyone who is in need of vision correction.

– Rod S esq (Maryland)
Attorney at Law

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