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Amniotic Therapy

With nearly 3 decades of pioneering human placental (amniotic membrane) tissue application in the field of eye care Dr. Gulani has successfully utilized amniotic tissue at all levels of dry eyes including publishing his work in a textbook of ophthalmology sharing his experience with eye surgeons globally.

Dr. Gulani has categorized amniotic use into:
1. Non-Surgical

  • Processed Eyedrops (i.e. Regenereyes)
  • Self-retained Contact lens (i.e. Prokera, AlphaVision)

2. Surgical

  • Freeze-dried graft (i.e. BioTissue AmnioGraft)
  • Dehydrated (i.e. Ambiodry)

Dr. Gulani utilizes this rejuvenation and restorative propriety of the human placenta along with its anti-inflammatory and stabilizing property to not only address the dry eye but also rejuvenation and stabilize the ocular surface itself.

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