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Combination Radial Keratotomy Surgery

As the world’s destination for Radial Keratotomy (RK) corrective surgery Dr. Gulani has displayed the skills over time for not only performing RK correction surgery by itself but also combining it with other vision corrective surgery to take patients with extreme vision errors or complex situations to 20/20 vision without glasses. Approaching the eye as a camera Dr. Gulani decides how many optical elements (cornea, lens) are impacting that patient’s vision and can uniquely correct each of them singly or in combination, simultaneously or staged over time. This is a tremendous advantage for patients that are with surgeons that are limited by their abilities – only Lasik, only cataract, or only cornea surgery therefore “fitting the patient to their surgery.”’ Dr. Gulani with his vast range of surgeries and technologies can custom design to uniquely “fit the surgery to the patient.” For example, Dr. Gulani has used numerous combinations including LaZrPlastique with LenZoplastique, LaZrPlastique with collagen crosslinking, LaZrPlastique with DSAEK, and he continues to teach surgeons how to break down even extreme cases and bring them to their best vision.

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