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Combination Pterygium Surgery

When a patient with pterygium presents with associated pathologies like corneal abnormalities, cataracts, or ocular surface instabilities (like chronic dry eyes) after advance diagnostics and a personal consultation Dr. Gulani decides all the impacting factors and the sequence of how he would approach the eye using his custom designed techniques. This combination could be performed simultaneously in a single step or staged over time based on Dr. Gulani’s discretion in the patient’s best interest. For example, he may do laser vision surgery (LaZrPlastiqueTM) first followed by pterygium surgery or vice versa.

Similarly, he may first approach the pterygium and then wait for ocular stability to perform premium cataract surgery (LenzOPlastiqueTM).
In some extreme cases he has even done 3 stages for example pterygium surgery (SPARKLE™), then cataract surgery (LenzOPlastiqueTM), and then finally laser based (LaZrPlastiqueTM) surgery.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Dr. Gulani’s world renowned “No-Stitch” surgical technique; SPARKLE™ (Sutureless Pterygium Excision with Amniotic Reconstruction and Lamellar Keratectomy) contact our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL to start your Gulani Vision Experience.

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