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Keratoconus Surgical Complication Correction

Keratoconus complications are quite common as they may be a direct result of the keratoconus or of surgical intervention of the patient’s most recent surgeon.

Over nearly three decades of experience as a pioneer in developing advanced keratoconus correction techniques and award-winning inventions, Dr. Gulani has developed a proprietary protocol to enhance keratoconus complication surgery outcomes and also correct keratoconus complications successfully.

Following a detailed personal consultation with the patient along with advanced diagnostic testing he then classifies the complications into the following categories:

Primary Surgery

From The Keratoconus Itself:

a. Anatomical
b. Refractive
c. Visual


An attempt from some surgeon to surgically correct the keratoconus induced vision deterioration:

a. Anatomical
b. Refractive
c. Visual

As a master of ICS implant surgeries Dr. Gulani receives keratoconus surgery complication patients from all over the world and teaches these concepts to surgeons worldwide.

Dedicatedly approaching keratoconus complication patients with a goal to improve their vision Dr. Gulani classifies his approach into:

  1. Revision: i.e. remove the previous surgeon’s Intacs® or replace them with the correctly optimized size and pairing
  2. Compensatory: i.e. leave the previous surgeon’s Intacs® in place but compensating for the inadequate vision outcomes by applying LaZrPlastiqueTM or LenzOplastiqueTM techniques to enhance the patient’s vision
  3. Salvage: i.e. taking patients whose Intacs® surgeries have caused irreversible damage and salvaging their anatomy and vision by using his intricate corneal restorative surgical techniques
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