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Complex Keratoconus Correction

Dr. Gulani’s unique approach to keratoconus (“Think Outside the Cone”) which he teaches all over the world involves addressing more than simple keratoconus eyes.

Keratoconus when associated with higher than normal parameters (i.e. extremely high keratometry, astigmatism, even scarring) falls inside a category of “complex” keratoconus:

1. Direct:

  • Visual: extremely distorted, uncorrectable vision
  • Topographic: extremely irregular and decentered
  • Indices: extremes of keratometry, astigmatism, thickness
  • Structure: extreme weakness and fluctuating structure

2. Indirect: Associated Pathologies:

  • Anterior: corneal scar
  • Posterior: Fuchs dystrophy

3. Previous Surgeries: Lasik, Crosslinking, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)

Taking all these complexities into consideration Dr. Gulani delicately comes up with a plan to address as many of these complexities as possible to bring the patient to their best visual capacity.

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