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Yvette W. (South Florida)

My vision was not good in the eye prior to the surgery (Right Eye).The impact of my personal life was embarrassing as on my professional life as a teacher. I had begun to experience pain, and could not function without reading glasses; yet as I write now after the surgery, I am not wearing glasses.

Researching on the internet and then on YouTube. I found some doctors that performed this particular surgery. As skeptical as I was ;I decided to do a little research every day in addition revisiting videos of surgeries performed.

This vision Institute is beautiful, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr.Gulani is very outstanding in what he did for me, in that he is personable as well as professional .Dr.Gulani is just remarkable.

I look forward to returning for my treatment on my left eye. It’s funny because I truly felt I was in good hands during my procedure. Very good doctor who knows the business.

Excellent, and now I do not have to explain to child about “what is wrong with your eyes”. Would be red. I feel good that I won’t  need to explain why my eyes are red. Right now; I am without reading glasses.

Usually when visiting doctors; Personality is not profound. This is not true with doctor Gulani. Dr.Gulani shows interest in spending valuable time because the eyes are important and Dr.Gulani Practices what he does very well. This is also true for Dr.Gulani practice’s surgical, Personal touch and the benefits his education is fulfilling the medical needs of the patient.

Yvette W.
Gulf Breeze,FL

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