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Vinay P.

 My vision was very bad. I was having trouble seeing anything without my glasses so that limits some activities that I could do.

I actually accompanied my sister, 

Dar from California for her surgery with Dr.Gulani and was very impressed with the doctor and staff and decided to have my surgery too at the same time.

Our experience at GVI has been great.  I like the clinic and the staff a lot.

Dr.Gulani is the best doctor I have seen in any field. I like his custom fit operations and how he walks us through everything. 

He was able to perform Advanced Laser ASA on our thin corneas with High Astigmatism. I feel great about my vision and look forward to doing things that I could before. 

Dr. Gulani  is great with everything.

I shall recommend anyone who seeks the best to travel to Dr.Gulani! Most definitely! The best!

Vinay P.
Corning, California

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