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Victoria R.

My vision was horrible. I was told that I was not even able to wear glasses or normal contacts anymore because there was no prescription strong enough. Since I found out that I have keratoconus. I have not been able to drive or complete collage.

I googled Dr. Gulani who did intacs Jacksonville and I found out about Dr. Gulani. This website seemed like he knew a lot about the disease and he was in my insurance network.

Great! I always feel comfortable and like family every time. I come here .The staff is so nice and Dr. Gulani is so approachable, humble, down to the earth, and passionate.

He is an amazing doctor who really cares about his patients. He is hilarious, kind, intelligent and passionate about really helping his patients.

My vision is getting much better and by the end of my next procedure I think my life will be back to the way it was.

The surgery was so easy and he made me feel so comfortable. I had no pain afterwards or during surgery and he educated on each step of the process.

I would recommend everyone to come see Dr. Gulani!

Victoria R.            
Orange Park, FL.

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