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Tracy T. (White Bear Lake, MN)

I had dry eye which was a daily and nightly challenge and hindered my life. Dealing with it was like a second job. Also, my Pinguecula was embarrassing and growing.
I found GVI through extensive research; I also found someone that had reached out before and she helped me feel confident about my first inquiring about my situation to Dr. Gulani.
My experience at GVI was Above and beyond any expectations I could ever have. I can’t say enough about the staff and Dr. Gulani and it started even with the first email.
Dr. Gulani is absolutely amazing. An artist and demands a lot of himself. Human. Relatable. Caring. Goes above expectation. Demands a lot of himself and his own work. Teacher. And now friend. I really wish other doctors would take his lead and learn from him. Not only the technical sides of the procedures but the humanity side.
After surgery, I feel so relieved about my dry eye and knowing it won’t be taking so much time up of my life. And, with my Pterygium removed I can now look at people confidently in the eyes again.
I want to do all I can to get the word out about how amazing Dr. Gulani and his staff is and how amazing this journey has been for me. I came in a patient and feel like I am leaving as a friend.

Tracey T.
White Bear Lake, MN

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