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Terry M. (Palm Bay, FL)

My vision was so bad that the problem with my left eye and the pterygium pulling it affected my total vision. I could not drive at night. I use my eyes to see patients and am able to tell how they are feeling by looking at them.

I went to the eye surgeon in Melbourne and he wanted to cut out the pterygium and a slice of the eyeball as a graph to stitch over the site. I searched the internet for someone who did the new no stitch method, and found Dr Gulani who was only 3 hour drive away.

The staff at GVI is Excellent. Very professional. Well trained in the field. Dr. Gulani is a man with belief that patients are family and they deserve only the best outcomes and treatment. 

Dr. Gulani is an amazing man a scientist who strives for medical advancements using tools and methods of his own creation.

I am very happy. I can see clearly immediately after pterygium surgery and am experiencing no pain at all.
Dr. Gulani has confidence in his work and shares that as an extension of himself through to his patients. They know they are in excellent hands.

I will shout from the top of a mountain (via the internet, of course. We have no mountains in Florida.) Dr. Gulani and staff excel at the services they provide and know that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Terry M.
Palm Bay, FL

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