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TA & Patricia H. (Texas)

My wife researched on the internet for the best eye surgeon to perform my pterygium surgery.

I think Dr. Gulani’s skills and surgery have been Outstanding! My eye looks so good.

He is great.

Dr. Gulani’s knowledge and patient care is also Outstanding. My brother and sister in law look forward to being his patients.

TA Hester

We are verry happy with the results of my husband’s recent eye surgery. Dr. Gulani is the most caring and skilled Dr. that you would ever hope to meet. My husband had an eye condition called a pteriguim. Dr. Gulani safely removed it without having to use stitches. The surgery went extremely well and the pteriguim is gone. We are very gratefull to Dr. Gulani and his staff for his expertise and caring nature. I am so glad that I was able to find him. We traveled from Levelland, Texas to Jacksonville,Florida and it was worth it. We will be going back for surgery in the other eye and we are confident that all will go well. Thank You ,Dr. Gulani, You are the best!

Patricia Hester

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