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Simon T. (Romania)

My vision was very poor on both eyes due to astigmatism and radial keratotomy. I couldn’t drive, work on the computer. It was very difficult for me to do anything.

I found Dr. Gulani after “searching” doctor performing after RX surgery. Dr. Gulani was the only one who me he can help me.

Dr. Gulani is amazing. It’s like a dream come true. He treated me like I was his brother. He is the best doctor I meet, very ambitious and dedicated. Very friendly.

Gulani Vision Institute was a great atmosphere; everyone treated me like I was a member of the family.

One day after surgery I feel great, my vision is already better. Dr. Gulani gave me hope for a better life.

I saw many doctors but Dr. Gulani is more than a doctor. Very skilled Doctor he took surgery to an art. I will tell everyone with vision problems to come to GVI. It’s the final destination!Thank you Dr. Gulani. God bless you!

Simon T.
Suceava, Romania

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