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Sheryl P.

My low vision was like loving with disability. I couldn’t read print books since 2000 and have reduced driving for the last 5 years.

I found Dr. Gulani through Knew immediately I should go forward. I had been researching for around 2 years
Intense but with phenomenal results.

So greatly honored to have met him and to be “free to see” because he serves his calling in the most wonderful ways.

It’s all about being excited to do so much more, and enjoy retirement, now my vision will permit this. Rejuvenation for me!

Dr. Gulani defines the peak in all these. It’s all “strengths” and the absence of weaknesses. So extremely unusual, rare and a gift to those who can be helped to their best vision.

Absolutely! Fantastic! Fabulous! Phenomenal!

Sheryl P.
Atlanta, GA

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