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Sherry H.

My vision was terrible before my surgery, I had to wear glasses all my life.

 My mother first came to see Dr. Gulani and he performed her surgery, She was very pleased. My sister then selected him for her Laser Vision Surgery and I did my research too.

Dr. Gulani and his staff are very helpful and friendly.

Dr. Gulani is wonderful, he takes his time to discuss treatment and answers all your questions.

He performed my cataract surgery despite my Fuchs Corneal disease using Toric Lens implants and my vision now is great, I can see without needing glasses for distance and near and I am 20/20 at all distances.

 Dr. Gulani is very caring. He called me after Surgery to check on me, he is ONE of a kind!

I would recommend Dr. Gulani to everyone, my family and sister and mother are already proceeding with him

Sherry H.
Jacksonville FL

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