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Sebastian H. (Sweden)

I have double images and severely worse vision at night. Vision was very blurry in sections where I had the Scar. I work 12 hour shifts in front of computers so it was very discomforting.
Being told corneal transplant is the only option for me made me decide to trust Gulani Vision with this. I read an article on scar removal on the internet that lead me to Gulani. Tons of great reviews from happy patients made me feel comfortable enough to trust Gulani.
My experience at GVI was Very warm and welcoming was greeted by everyone at the desk upon arrival, as well as Gulani himself in person.
Dr. Gulani is very caring about his patients. A man passionate about through and through about his work and every one of his patients.
I am relieved that the surgery went well and that everything looks and feels so positive today, day one after the surgery.
I was so surprised to see Dr. Gulani greeting me upon arrival. With such warmth and positivity. It made all my worries go away immediately. I never had one concern about the surgery itself. His 17 years in the field made me have no worries.
More hospitals and surgeons in the world should be aware of what is possible here at GulaniVision. Instead of being told me no, that’s impossible, I wish my doctor would have told me to check with Gulani first.
Sebastian H.

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