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Samuel C.

My pterygium was starting to cover my cornea from both sides.

My eye surgeon (Ophthalmologist) recommended us to see Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville. She was afraid to operate because the pterygium was so large.

My experience at Gulani Vision Institute has been Outstanding! Dr. Gulani is prompt, personable and patient.  The staff are all very friendly and helpful. First Class! 

Personally I like Dr. Gulani as a doctor and as a person.  Sharp dresser! Very Likeable. Looking forward to being able to serve in the ministry for the rest of my life! Thanks!

Dr. Gulani’s skills and patient care are Excellent – I would say outstanding but have already used the word outstanding so many times.

You and your staff have been a blessing to me and my wife.  Thank you!



Samuel C.

Waycross, Georgia

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