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Ruby A. (HongKong)

I have chronic dry eye problem and pingueculas in both of my eyes for many years. I ahd previous Lasik surgery too. The pingueculas affected my business life (which requires prolonged use of computers, a lot of reading and interaction with media) and social interaction. I felt my confidence slowly declining due to my eyes appearing red and tired all times despite how much I slept!

I simply did my google and youtube search, the same way I did for other researches I do regularly. Dr. Gulani’s patient testimonials came up a lot and I felt interested in more information about the surgery. After researching other doctors who claimed similar expertise, I found that Dr. Gulani appears to be the most credible and professional.  Therefore I started to email GVI, and was pleased with the quick response. I sent over close up shots of my eyes and was diagnosed as having pingueculas on both eyes. I finally made the decision to fly to Jacksonville to see Dr. Gulani after he had spoken to me on the phone and answered a lot of my queries. I felt that he is the right Doctor for me and would like to give it a try.
It has been great. I don’t have time to tour the city, but in terms of the people I met everywhere – from GVI to the Day Surgery Centre – they all are very friendly and caring. All the nurses at GVI are very nice and helpful. Finally meeting Dr. Gulani reassured that I’d made the right decision to come over

GVI has all types of advanced equipments to test my eyes and none of the many Doctors I saw in Hong Kong compares to that. As Dr. Gulani said the surgery I had was a big one and the two surgeries (two pingueculas per eye) were completed successfully. I had some pain in the eyes but only for the next day. Then my eyes were slightly sore, dry and red, but according to Dr. Gulani these are normal during healing process
which shall last for a few more weeks.
He is very professional, knowledge as a doctor but also very friendly, gentle and down to earth as a person. He is very approachable and able to give my hope and confidence that he can make a change to the problems of my eyes which had persisted for so long. The many Doctors I saw in the past all told me that nothing can/should be done to my eyes to fix the issues of dry eye/pingueculas.
Even though this is only a week from surgery, my eyes were not feeling too much pain or soreness. Since the extent of my surgery is much higher than an average patient, I understand it’ll take awhile for the redness to go away. My vision is slowly progressing back to normal. 
Dr. Gulani is no doubt the best in his field, leading in ophthalmology technologies and breakthroughs of vision surgery. He was able to answer any question I have, which other doctors couldn’t.
I will refer patients from HongKong and anywhere in the world.
Ruby A
Hong Kong


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