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Ronald E. (Fernadina Beach, FL)

I had a bad astigmatism and thin corneas. I struggled with contact lenses for many years. My business life was impacted due to much work utilizing blue print drawings and computers with constant eye fatigue.

Dr. Shearer (my  optometrist) mentioned Dr.Gulani to me for my “Not a Candidate” condition. I did a lot of research and found that Dr. Gulani tailored surgery to each patient and was well versed in the many procedures not just one. Also, I was drawn to Gulani  Vision Institute because of the positive reviews.

At GVI, I was greeted by a very friendly and informative staff. Dr. Gulani evaluated my individual needs and explained to me the procedures, possibilities, potential issues and ensured I fully understood everything about corrective surgery prior to me leaving my consultation.

I feel great about my vision and life. He was able to tailor a specific Laser vision technique for my eyes and my vision is already 20/20 and continues to improve.

Dr. Gulani is second to none. I would gladly send anyone I know to him. My surgery was painless and the results were immediate. Dr. Gulani personally contacted me by phone the evening of my surgery to check on me.

I would recommend Dr. Gulani to anyone in the world.

Ronald E.
Fernandina Beach, Florida

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