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Rodney D. (Texas)

 My vision was very bad in my right eye due to radial keratotomy. It affected my job performance, driving a motor vehicle, recreation and just enjoying time with my wife.

I found Dr. Gulani by extensive research on the internet. I checked his background and the references of patients that he had in the past. Everyone was happy with his expertise and professionalism.

I traveled from Texas to Jacksonville, Florida.

My experience at GVI has been Very good! Everyone here treated me very kindly and answered any questions that I had.

I respect Dr. Gulani highly because he does what the patient needs, not what can make him more money!

He is Wonderful! If more doctors took their profession more seriously like he does, then the medical profession would get more respect.

I would surely refer my family to him! I have already recommended him to two of my friends and will pass his expertise and caring of his patience to others.

Rodney D.
Bastrop, Texas.

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