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Rocio T.

 My side vision was very blurry,  It did affect my personal life in many aspect, driving and trying to see thing around.


I was referred by my eye surgeon since I had a recurrent pterygium following previous surgery.


At GVI I had a  Wonderful customer service, from the staff.


Dr. Gulani is a man with very strong confidence about his work. He strives for perfection. He can come across as over confident but it is because he should be; the result of my surgery testify that. 


He performed his “ No Stitch” surgery for my recurrent Pterygium and I feel wonderful.

With only one week after my surgery, my eye looks as if nothing was even done.

Meaning how great it looks.


Dr. Gulani skills has impressed me very much. He took time answering all questions  and concerns I had prior to surgery in plain language.  

I shall refer patients Big time !


Rocio brought her husband to get his eyes evaluated by Dr.Gulani.


Rocio T.

Jacksonville, Florida





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