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Raul G.

  My vision was bad, cannot read from short distance before, after the presbyopia surgery I feel so confortable reading, my vision is perfect now.

I been searching and my research show the Dr. Gulani Institute it’s the best one!! After my first appointment, I was plenty sure it’s going to be here.

My experience at GVI has been Perfect, everything how the doctor explained to me. So perfect.

“Dr. Gulani knows what he is doing there’s no doubt’s about everything he explained about the surgery. I really trust Dr. Gulani since the first time.”

 My vision it’s perfect now, I don’t need glasses to read anymore. Thanks Dr. Gulani.

 I can say, he got the touch, and of course the skills, the surgery was so prefect, he knows what he is doing and makes me feel so perfect, he know what he is doing and makes me feel so secure.

 I shall totally refer everyone I know and am making sure my fiancé to travels to him. All my friends know now where is the place for best eye care in the world.

Raul G.



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