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Rachel F. (Maine)

The Real Master!

Today is Day 1 after my pinguecula surgery and I am speechless. I am amazed as there is absolutely no sign that I had any surgery because of how sparkling white my eye is today. My mind is blown!! I saw other eye surgeons who told me that it was just cosmetic and nothing could be done.

Meanwhile, my vision was blurry and my astigmatism was worsening and I was self conscious about how it looked. I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Gulani and have been in such good care for the whole week that I have been down here. I had such personalized care from the advanced diagnostics, to the dry eye treatment, and surgery that I now feel like I’m part of the Gulani Family. I am excited to travel back home to Maine tomorrow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Arun C. Gulani & all the staff here at Gulani Vision Institute! 

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