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Pro Surfer Jay D.

Here is where I must share my own experience with this problem. As a surfer for more than 25 years, I have suffered from pterygia in both eyes for about 20 of those years. I have found that while doctors term this condition “benign”, there is a psychological effect that comes with having extremely red, irritated, and tired eyes all the time. If you have the problem, then you know what I mean. It’s human nature for others to stare and be amazed as well as disgusted by the red stripes across your eyes. These reactions can be a confidence destroyer in inter-personal situations and can ruin your day.

I have gone the artificial tear route and found no relief. I even had surgery to remove them (twice in one eye and once in the other). They returned within weeks.

So this all begs the question, “How do I treat or remove my pterygium?” Just as I would recommend a surf leash or wetsuit to a reader, I can recommend a good procedure for pterygium surgery. Again, after dealing with two previous pterygium surgeries, I wasn’t quick to jump into a doctor’s office.

In my case, Dr. Gulani completely removed the pterygium from my
right eye. He used glue not stitches as well some
insane stem cell technology to patch the wound.

My eye looked white and smooth IMMEDIATELY a day after the surgery.

I encourage you to continue researching your personal options, but here is a link to the GULANI VISION INSTITUTE to give you another avenue to consider. There you can read up on his innovative techniques and unique approach to pterygium removal. Also, there are many doctors who perform this surgery across the country, so do some leg work and find the right doctor.

Jay D.
Pro Surfer


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