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Pro Athlete Louis B.

I had a pterygium in my eye. My vision got promisingly worse through out the day as my eye got tired and irritated. I would walk into a room and it would appear cloudy. My eye got so red that I was constantly asked “what’s wrong with your eyes”

I felt much taken care of at the Gulani Vision Institute.

Dr. Gulani’s enthusiasm and dedication for vision and helping people is very admirable! He showed genuine care throughout the whole process .

I underwent Dr.Gulani’s world-renowned technique for Pterygium surgery where he uses Amniotic graft (Human Placenta) with Glue (No Stitches).

The cloudiness has gone yeh! I am also happier. I can now track my ball past 100 yards. Previously I could not.

I think that it is evident from the amount of patients around the country and the world that fly in, to see him that he is special!

I am very impressed with hid willingness to return calls and check in. Also the time he takes to educate.


Louis B.
Tennis Pro
Jacksonville, Florida

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