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Pilot Rhys H.

My vision was  20/80 and uncomfortable. I could no longer do my job as a Black Hawk Pilot.

I had a corneal scar and was seen at Basom Plamer eye institute by nationally renowned eye surgeons who could not make me see. Dr. Tseng from Miami then suggested I travel to Dr.Gulani for his unique way offcorrecting vision with Laser Scar peel (Corneoplastique)

My experience at GVI has been Awesome!

Dr.Gulani is terrific – He gave me my dream of flying back! He performed a unique Laser ASA surgery and peeled my scar off and my eye is very comfortable + almost back to completely normal He taught me a lot about his techniques. He’s got a wonderful manner with the patient

I shall absolutely suggest to everyone to fly to him. It’s worth the time the expense to get your life back

Pilot Rhys H.: Black Hawk Pilot
Ocala, Florida

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