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Pilot Luis T. (Orlando, FL)

After two failed lasik procedures, I was no longer correctable to 20/20 due cataracts not address by original surgeon. As an airline pilot, I was permanently grounded.

I searched online for eye surgeons in Florida and did research to find the best. After researching Dr Gulani and seeing testimonials and videos, I found he not only does many procedures besides basic surgeries, he teaches.
Excellent, staff has been very friendly and knowledgeable. Very helpful through process.

My experience at GVI has bee excellent, gets to know you and your family. Treats you as his own family member. Very knowledgeable and confident at what he does.

Dr. Gulani is wonderful, getting my vision back and seeing my kids’ faces again has been a blessing
Above and beyond what other Dr’s do. He puts in 110% of the work to prosper. He makes sure you understand the whole process, and then follows up til you are 20/20.

I will recommend Dr. Gulani to everyone I know who might need any vision surgery, and I will only trust Dr. Gulani with my families and my vision needs outside of glasses.

Pilot Luis T.
Orlando, FL

From BOTCHED LASIK surgery and Cataracts to PERFECT VISION. Just had my four month follow up and still have amazing…

Posted by Luis Torres on Sunday, July 23, 2017

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